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"Purchase" Summer Programs for Homeless Children

On the night of our 11th Annual Celebration Auction, auctioneer
Eric Hummel auctioned off an opportunity to support summer programs for homeless children in SEARCH.  For $50, you can help a child in SEARCH as well.  


NHHR developed SEARCH (Services, Education & Activities Reaching Children who are Homeless) in 2002 for children living in our shelters. The program provides homeless children with educational advancement and support to improve their academic success, and fosters parent and community involvement.

Homelessness can cause a range of complex physical and emotional problems for children such as depression, anxiety, developmental delays, emergency room visits, suicidal thoughts, and the stigma of being homeless and living in shelters. SEARCH is critical to promoting the confidence and health of these children. The program provides after school and vacation programs, holiday and birthday celebrations, and summer field trips.  Currently, this valuable program receives 100% of its funding from private contributions.


Thanks to Eric, 65 people "bought" summer programming for homeless children for $50 making it the hottest "live" auction item of the night.



We would like to keep the cause going and YOU can help! 
Please Support SEARCH.


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